Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Top 5 tallest skyscrapers in Dubai

When the word skyscrapers is thought about, then the city which comes to our mind is Dubai. This beautiful city is the household name in tallest skyscrapers in the world and all these below listed are the finest skyscrapers. They are the world famous skyscrapers in terms of stunning architecture, technology and lovely designs.

September 3 is the skyscraper day. So below we provide you the 5 tallest skyscrapers in Dubai which you must visit if you love travelling to the core.

Dubai is the beautiful city having 900+ splendid skyscrapers including 18 of which stands taller than 300 meters (984 ft) and around 73 of them are taller than 200 meters (around 656 ft) which is more than any of the city in the world. 

The first ever skyscraper of Dubai was built in the year 1979, Dubai world trade center and it was the tallest skyscraper in the Middle east at the time it was built. By the ending of year 1999, Dubai began to construct more astonishing skyscrapers and after the year 2005, the construction industry was taken to the next level. 

Here is the list of 5 jaw dropping skyscrapers in Dubai:

The Burj Khalifa:

Height: 828 meters (2717 ft) 
Floors: 163

Burj Khalifa is the lovely tallest man-made structure which got the title of tallest building in the year 2009-2010. The construction of this splendid building commenced from September 2004 and it was done by October 2009, with cost of around USD $ 1.5 billions.

This incredible building was launched on 4th of January 2010 having lovely style. Emma has currently launched new project of 2 identical towers-Burj Vista. One of the tower has 20 storeys and the other one have 65 storeys. Both of these towers have 640 apartments. 

Princess tower:

Having height of 414 meters (1358 ft), Princess tower is yet another remarkable skyscraper of Dubai having 101 floors. It is the world' tallest residential building. It contains 763 residential units, 957 underground parking bays and around 8 retail outlets. This marvelous construction was started in the year 2006 and was done by September 2012. 

23 Marina Dubai:

Marina Dubai is yet another jaw-dropping residential building of Dubai, having height of 392.8 meters (1289 ft) and around 90 floors. The construction of 23 Marina began in the year 2006 and was completed in the year 2012. After the completion of the construction, 23 Marina became the second-tallest building in Dubai and also the tallest residential building in the world. It has around 90 storeys with 289 residential units. This building also has marvelous 57 swimming pools. Each of the duplex in the building has its own private elevator, total of 62 elevators in the building. Around 79% of the units were sold way before the construction was finished. 

Elite Residence: 

Elite residence is yet another class building which has height of around 380 meters (1250 ft) and have 87 floors. This is yet another cream of the crop tallest building in Dubai. It has in it, amazing residential apartments, spas, swimming pools, health clubs, car parking, etc. 

Almas Tower:

Almas Tower is yet another classy tallest building of Dubai of 360 meters (1080 ft) in height and having 68 floors. It is the huge office building in whole Dubai. It is situated on its own artificial island in Jumeirah Lakes Tower free zone. The construction of this tower was started in the year 2005 and finished by the year 2009.

Almas tower is ranked 8th in the year 2009 Emporiums Skyscraper awards. 

Closing Thoughts:

So, it can be seen that the construction sector is growing at a rapid pace in Dubai. So, 2017: the apt time to make an investment in Dubai real estate

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Saturday, 27 August 2016

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Friday, 12 August 2016

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Friday, 5 August 2016

7 Legendary Motorbikes of the world

The word motorcycle leaves the boys spellbound. Bike riding is the best passion for boys. Since they love to drive motorcycle, so they love to know more about stunning legendary motorbikes of the world. We have researched about the bike riding passion for boys, and learnt about their interests.

And here is the list of the class legendary motorbikes:

1981 Ducati Pantah 600

This Pantah was the first belt-driven camshaft of the Ducati Motors. It was the first generation of its kind. It goes at the best speed while on road. When the Pantah series hit the market, it came in the red and silver 500SL. Its engine makes use of the belt driven camshafts,and also the plain bearing crankshaft. It is the lovely bike for the motorbike enthusiasts. Ducati Pantah 600 arrived the markets in the year 1981. It was available with the fairing clutch activated in it.

1935 Harley Davidson 35VD 1200

Harley Davidson is the world's fifth largest motorcycle manufacturer, which manufactures the most incredible motorcycles. In the early times, Harley-Davidson had manufactured the heavyweight, air-cooled cruiser motorcycles. With heavy engines of around greater than 700 cc. Harley-Davidson are the top-class motorcycle manufacturers at its factories in the New York, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Brazil and Bawal, India. And the marketing of the Harley-Davidson is done around the globe.

1914 Royal Enfield 140 

Royal en-field is yet another trendy legendary motorbike. The model 140 engine features automatic mechanical lubrication and has got two-speed, hand operated gearbox, an expanding clutch plus a kick-starter. In this model, the primary and final drive is done by the chain and the rear hub incorporates a “cush drive” The ignition is done by the Bosch waterproof magneto and the fuel mixture gets supplied by an AMAC carburetor. In this model, the front forks are sprung and the front rim brake is just hand-operated from the handlebar. The rear brake is of the dummy belt rim type and foot operated.

1946 Triumph 500cc Grand Prix 

Triumph is yet another class legendary bike which has been manufactured. In September 1946, Ernie Lyons rode the Triumph twin to victory in the Manx Grand Prix. The major change in the bike was made in the fitting of the cylinder-block and head from a WD type generating set engine which were of light alloy. So this is also the trendy bike of its era.

1929 Cleveland Tornado

Cleveland Tornado was also the classic legendary bike of its era. This cleveland model was the “century” model of 1000cc (61'') 3-speed. This is the stunning motorbike which was of top-speed, rare and the original-condition motorcycle with the original-paint and bright work. It is complete with the electrical lighting, American Bosch magneto.

1950 Vincent comet Frame

Vincent motorbikes were also the stunning and legendary motorbikes of its era. Apart from its Burman gearbox and the cylinder, the comment motorbike had followed a series C-twin lines, featuring the newly introduced Girdaulic front fork and also have hydraulic dampers at the front and the rear, whereas the meteor retained old Brampton girders.

1956 T110 Triumph Bobber 

The Triumph Tiger 110 is the legendary motorbike, which is a British sports motorcycle that Triumph has first made at their Coventry factory. At first it was supposed to be the sports model of the Triumph range, the Tiger 110 was later fitted with the rear paneling that was introduced with Triumph's 350cc 3TA twin.


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