Tuesday, 19 July 2016

Pokemon Go game

Pokemon Go Game is the amazing game which has been developed by Niantic, a Google start up company. It was launched in July 2016 for the ios and Android devices. This wonderful game allows the players to capture, play and train virtual creatures, called as Pokemon, who appear on the device screens. This incredible game was highly praised by the medical professionals for enhancing the mental and physical health of the players.

Game Pokemon online:

As the player logins to the app at the first time, the player creates the avatar. The player can opt any gender for the avatar, hair, skin, eye color, and the player can also opt the best one from the amazing outfits available.
When the avatar is created, it gets displayed at the current location of the player. Various features on the map includes various Pokestops and also the Pokemon gyms.

Pokestop gives the player various things like eggs, Poke Balls. The gyms serves like battle locations for the team based king of the hill matches.

Download the Pokemon Go game:



This lovely game is available to download in the UK, which is the fifth place in the worldwide where this popular game is available officially. This is one of the top-notch international launch of the mobile game which enables the users to catch Pokemon in the real life. This game also faced certain controversies, but still it is making good profit alone in the US, and the share of Nintendo have seen a hike since the inception of this wonderful game. The users of this game are more than Tinder.


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