Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Top rated Formula 1 Cars in UAE

A Formula One car is a single-seat, open cockpit, open-wheel racing car with adequate front and rear wings, and an engine positioned behind the driver, calculated to be utilized in competition at Formula One racing events. The rules & regulations governing the cars are marvelous to the championship.Here,explore the top rated best ever formula 1 cars with their specific details. Similarly you can buy and sell used cars, racing cars, bikes and other usable products online at DubaiPoster.

1. Mercedes F1 W07 Hybrid  

The car was driven a total of 98.2 km. After eleven races, the F1 W07 Hybrid has taken ten wins (five for Hamilton and five for Rosberg), ten pole positions (six for Hamilton and five for Rosberg), seven fastest laps (two for Hamilton and five for Rosberg), six front row lockouts and three 1–2 finishes, earning 378 constructors' points.

2. Ferrari SF16-H

The SF16-H was launched on 19 February 2016.In it, the letter "H" in the name of the car stands for "Hybrid", it describe the shortened nose and better tapered rear packaging liken to its predecessor SF15-T. It looks similar to Red Bull's, which will assistance airflow under the car. The appearance of the chassis is much higher & upright, including a vanity panel probably intended for a future S-duct solution.

3. Red Bull Racing-Tag Heuer RB12

Amazing cool looking Red Bull racing RB12 has eight- speed gear box, lenghtwise connected with hydraulic system for power shift and clutch operation. Wheels - OZ racing, Front: 12.0IN * 13IN DIAM. Rear side: 13.7IN * 13IN DIAM. Chassis wise, the RB12 is an flourish of the RB11. The car also highlights revised brake ducts and blown front wheel axles in an effort to superior control the rouse of the front wheels.

4. Toro Rosso-Ferrari STR11

It is the primary one to be powered by a turbocharged Ferrari engine, following two years of time of Renault power. The car also performed blown front wheel nuts as of its track debut, as fine as an S-duct. At the behind or back, the car highlights one of the tightest rear ends of the field, generating an aerodynamically profitable shape or size to increase down-force generated by the car's rear diffuse.

5. McLaren MP4-31

The car utilizes the Honda RA616H power unit, the second engine evolved by Honda since their return to the sport with mcLaren in year 2015. The car was nick named "size zero formula one car' by the team of its separate sharply tapered rear end, which was attained by designing the Honda engine to serve at higher temperatures then further engines. The striking & innovatory MP4-31 chassis is a symmetry of remarkably elegant aerodynamic settlements, with a highly space efficient unification of Honda's new for 2016 power unit. 

6. Renault R.S.16

The development of the R.S. 16 took just five months. Renault puts this less development time down to new operative procedures, which mixed both Motorsport and road car teams. The Renault R.S. 16 have some transmission features like: semi- automatic gearbox titanium eight speed including reverse. System 'quick-shift' to maximize the speed of gearshifts. A six-speed manual devolution sends power to the front wheels.

Final Word:

Above listed are the best top rated Formula-1 cars with their features and specifications. These cars appear to be so attractive, but everybody cannot afford to buy these cars. If you want to buy these cars, DubaiPoster provides the second hand or used cars of various top brands from which you can choose as per your choice. It is the dominant classified ad website of Dubai, UAE, where you can acquire several used products like vehicles, mobiles, electronics products and many other products.

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